Tumbling Classes

Our Tumbling Classes are designed for all ages and ability levels.  We break our tumbling classes into four groups: Introduction to Tumbling, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3,4,5.

Introduction to Tumbling is great for any new athlete.  This class focuses on the fundamentals of tumbling.  We break down the lunge, handstand, cartwheel, round-off, back bends, forward rolls and backward rolls.  This is a great class for the nervous beginner.  We work to improve confidence and control.

Level 1 Tumbling is similar to Intro to Tumbling but we start to incorporate back walk overs and front walk overs into our curriculum.  Athletes also work to perfect their round-off and begin to work towards their back handspring progressions as well.  Once an athlete gets their back handspring, they progress onto Level 2.

Level 2 Tumbling will put that back handspring to use!  In Level 2 we start to progress to multiple back handsprings in a row as well as round-off back handsprings (series).  As we are perfecting the back handspring, we begin to incorporate the back tuck into some of our stations.  Once an athlete perfects their back tuck, they progress onto our Level 3,4,5 class.

Level 3,4,5 Tumbling will add trick and combination passes to the back tuck.  We also begin to work more towards standing tumbling series into the back tuck.  Trampoline progressions towards the layout, whip, full twist, punch front, and other skill variations.