About Us

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Our Story

Champion Athletic Center opened its doors in 2003.

We have always been a competitive cheer based facility.  Our All-Star teams are a great way for young athletes to participate in a team sport while showcasing their tumbling and gymnastic abilities.

To accompany this sport, we included teaching curriculum in gymnastics and tumbling as part of our class program.  We feel strongly that these activities are a great way to maintain physical fitness for young children.  The confidence gained from mastering these skills is profound.

We love to see children grow as they progress through our teams and classes!

Our Vision

At Champion Athletic Center we pride ourselves on building strong, confident, young athletes.  Our goal is to educate young athletes and help to mold healthy lifestyles for years to come.

Our coaching staff focuses on fundamental skills to build a strong foundation for gymnastic movement.

We strive to provide a family atmosphere in our gym.  When we welcome new members to our gym, we think of them as our "gym family"!